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How to:

Download the app Guestbike on Google Play or the App Store.


To unlock a Guestbike, simply scan the QR code located on the bike lock or the basket using the Guestbike app.


When you are ready to begin the trip, tap the Guestbike lock icon on your phone to release the cable. Insert the cable back into the lock and begin your adventure.


You're ready to ride. Wherever your Guestbike takes you, remember to obey traffic laws, to ride safely in the bike lane or street and to wear a helmet.



Åre Sweden

Future destinations: Davos, Zermatt, Chamonix and Verbier.

Join the movement with Guestbike

Guestbike is all about offering smarter, greener, and healthier transportation solutions in ski resorts. Whether you need to get to the mountain, to the lake or just to the best café in town, Guestbike can take you there. We're not just a part of a transportation revolution, we're leading it.

Guestbike versatility


Go wherever. Well at least within a 50 km radius. That's plenty of distance to get creative, all year round (yes you heard us - winter conditions included).

Get sh*t done

Need to get from point A to B fast? Like 25 km/h fast? Do your errands, get to the ski lift or grab lunch - we can guarantee super convenience.

Bring stuff

Ever heard of a ski/snowboard rack on a bike? Well now you have. In combination with the cargo box, you can easily bring all your gear everywhere. Or just go grocery shopping.

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Join the Movement with Guestbike

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What people say

Tom-Oliver Hedvall

”Guestbike is the perfect form of transportation for me. Lots of power and plenty of space for my gear. I can leave my car at home and travel eco-friendly in style.”

Reine Barkered

”When traveling, one of my biggest annoyances is stuck at where I'm staying. Guestbike takes care of that and in the best possible way, everything is better experienced from an eBike. It has great range and comfort making the day trips so much more enjoyable, without even breaking a sweat. ”


”I Really Enjoyed seeing Åre using a Guestbike, so comfortable and fun to ride. A perfect way to discover Åre. The bikes and app are very easy to use.”

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