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The Guestbike

Let us present: the vehicle. There’s no point in offering a year-round, shared, electric transportation service without having a fleet of the best possible bikes, right? Below we have outlined all the fun functions and features for those of you who want to get nerdy.

Well for starters, the bike looks pretty rad. That might be our biased opinion, but look at this beauty. It’s all in the details. The steel frame is integrated with a secure lock that connects to your Guestbike app for easy access. A control centre on the steering handle lets you choose between 5 different power assist modes — 5 being the most powerful. The battery can take you on a 50 km journey, and works really well in minus degrees (we tested it last winter). Speaking of winter; we put fat tires on the bike with studs for snow and ice. Also, the ski rack and cargo box fits all your gear when you’re going to the lifts or when you need to run down to the grocery store. A little push assist by your left thumb helps you to get the bike rolling. Finally: a comfortable seat and grippy handlebars.

Bosch motor and15 amp battery with a 50 km range

Steel frame made to last

Your one step control center

Guestbike app integrated lock.

Fat tires for all terrain, winter studs for snow and ice.

30 cm x 30 cm cargo space